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Sergey Dudnikov - Vice-President & Director of the RFID Department, OOO Systematica

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There is a great deal of interest in using RFID-based solutions for asset tracking, for warehouse automation, for enabling traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and for helping to reduce shoplifting."

How is your organization involved with RFID technology?

Systematica is a group of Russian companies with services focused on IT, telecom infrastructures, custom software and applications development and process control systems. There are more than 1000 employees and we have a solid and loyal customer base across Russia, in both the public sector and with private enterprises.

Systematica's RFID department is the leading UHF RFID solution provider in Russia. We provide complex integrated RFID solutions using passive and active RFID tags, antennas, compact desktop readers, gates for library and warehouse automation equipment and so forth. Our clients use our RFID solutions in libraries, warehouses, transport, manufacturing automation solutions and more.

Tell us a little about your work with libraries - that sounds particularly interesting!

We were the first company in the world to develop a UHF, or Ultra High Frequency, solution for libraries. We provide two vertical panels which create a "portal" - a sort of doorway that people must walk through to get into or out of the library. The library's books are each given a small RFID tag and the portal has an RFID reader in it. With our system in place, no one can leave the library without properly checking out their books, and it is also much easier for the libraries to keep an eye on their inventory and to know if books are shelved incorrectly. We installed our first RFID Portal in a library in 2006, and since then we have equipped 20 libraries across Russia with more than 3 million RFID tags.

This same portal system can also be adapted for retail stores and warehouse. It can read a very large amount of tags in just a few seconds and register them in a company's enterprise system smoothly and efficiently.

What is your vision for RFID in the future?

RFID has a strong future. There is a great deal of interest in using RFID-based solutions for asset tracking, for warehouse automation, for enabling traceability and anti-counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical sector and in food production, and for helping to reduce shoplifting in the fashion and retail sectors. In fact, Systematica is already running important projects in several of those areas. In Russia alone, we expect to sell 25 million tags in 2010, and 150 million in 2015.

The companies of the Systematica group provide system integration services and infrastructure solutions for the public sector; ERP software implementation and other IT services; ERP solutions for SMEs; process control industrial, automation and power saving solutions; RFID solutions; and turnkey solutions for resellers, all within a common vision. The group has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Togliatti, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, and Blagoveshensk. For more information, visit www.systematic.ru.


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